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Domains and temporarily not available - Nieuws / Archived - Deploy Support

feb. 25 2020

Domains and temporarily not available

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Monday evening 24-02-2020 between  20:20u and  21.50u  it has not been possible to log into Clang using the domains  <client name> and <client name>  This issue  occurred due to a error in the automatic  extension process for the SSL certificate regarding  *
If you log in using  <client name > you have not encountered this issue.

The issue described above did not  have any impact on mail sendings, campaigns, clicks, opens, reports and so on.

What was the impact ?

Temporarily it was not possible to log into Clang using the url's described above. Besides that, between 20.20u and 21.50u the SOAP API was not available. If you do not have a construction within SOAP that queues calls when the API is not available, calls that where done in the time frame described will have to be resubmitted. This will apply for the most part on webhooks.

Because many people contact our Support Desk, it is possible that a response will take longer than you are used to.

If there are any questions, we are of course happy to hear them.